but first, Coffee

As merchants of happiness in the Irish Midlands, since 2002, we are passionate about offering an experience that will enhance our customers’ life, by bringing together people, coffee, food, interiors, art and atmosphere.

Their own little piece of Heaven, their urban escape. We pride ourselves in serving one of the tastiest fresh and ethical coffee around, along with some of most scrumptious treats around, in some of the cosiest coffee bars around.

Our coffee blend is made of the finest quality green beans, coming solely from new season harvests and is precision-roasted. A drinking delight. Staff, customers, management, suppliers and contractors are all part of an auld big family, with a same motto, ‘Let’s make this fun!’

Smiles & Pleasures

That’s our mission. Chocolate, Coffee and Friends make the perfect blend. We have seen it over the years. We apply ourselves to ensure quality and consistency with every cup, every mouthful while evolving with culture trends and operating to the best standards.

Our skilled, knowledgeable and passionate teams are professionally trained by coffee experts and understand that our customers experience is at the core of our essence. They naturally fold into the Irish way and promote the Chocolate Brown way, daily. By sharing our success with local artisans, garnishing our menu with their products, we ensure that the happiness has gone full circle.

Pop into one of our locations in the midlands to see it for yourself.

Escape with
art & coffee

Have it your way

Doing our share

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