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The first paragraph must be formatted as “lead text” via the Formats menu in the editor. This should ideally be between two and three lines of text. Keep in mind, this paragraph travels with the blog image when posted on social media.

Use H2 Headings for primary headings

Ensure that you are aware of client’s writing style, target markets and core keywords. (Read Marketing and Company profiles)

The first paragraph is the intro and should ease the reader into the blog by providing more details without giving too much information away.

The main body is where you will give away your value and discuss the who, what, why, where and when of your article, as well as benefits, if there are any. It should be broken into paragraphs and be easy and gripping to read. The first paragraph is the lead text, which is an introduction to what the blog is about without giving all the details. Use sub-headers and bullet lists where possible because they increase readability and rankings. Use internal links to cross reference other pages on this site. Use external links (opening in a new tab) for links to other websites.

Break the blog into paragraphs to keep the content light. 5-7 in a full blog, 3-5 in a short blog. Always check spelling, grammar etc before uploading. Each paragraph should contain 1 or 2 vital pieces of information that are relevant to the blog.

These headings help readers to scan the copy

Keywords are used for SEO and Google. They are relevant words that people could use when searching for this information. They should ideally be more than one word long and specific to blog. These go in the Tags section on the right side of the page and ideally there should be at least 3. Eg Green point Eco-Park, Playground Cape Town.

The category is the type of content on the website that is relevant to the blog .Find out from AA if unsure. Please don’t create new categories unless instructed to do so. More than 1 can be chosen Eg News, Blogs, Recipes. It’s found on the right of the page, and the relevant boxes need to be ticked.

Please ensure that the URL of the page is relevant to the blog and that it doesn’t contain too many words. To edit the URL go to where it says permalink under the the header and click on edit.

These headings help readers to scan the copy

After completing the assignment please ensure that you click on the drop-down menu under “Publish” on the right side and save as draft. After the writing to-do is moved into proofreading, the proofreader will go through the blog, and if happy, will click on the same menu and save as pending.

If you need to add a list, use the editor to set either a numbered list or bulleted list:

  • If the bullet is a full sentence, we open with cap and close with full stop.
  • just one item, no cap or fullstop
  • If the bullet list is a sentence,
  • and carries on over some more bullets,
  • the last bullet closes with a fullstop.

These headings help readers to scan the copy

The last paragraph is the conclusion, and the point you were trying to make. Also include your call to action here Join us, buy this etc. Ensure that the last paragraph contains 1 internal and 2 external links. Please ensure fact blogs only contain 1 cool fact and elaborate on it. Please note recycled blogs should never be recreated.

Click here for more info, a sample of of third party link that opens in a new tab/window. Contact us to learn more can me link to the website page and open on the same windoeis just a normal link, using the ‘Link Style’ option in the Formats menu in the editor.